LeSean McCoy, And The Final Word On Tipping

LeSean McCoy, And The Final Word On Tipping



Gratuity is part of the price of a meal. If you have a problem, ask for it to be corrected, ask for a manager, or LEAVE. And unless you got your own drinks, utensils, condiments, and went to the kitchen to get your own meals, you were provided service. PAY FOR IT. The only time it is acceptable to leave NO TIP is when there is NO BILL. Poor service does not equal NO service.

It’s very simple people, the MINIMUM you should leave for a meal is $2 per person, REGARDLESS of the level of service. If things are so bad you can’t even do that, you should get help from a manager or LEAVE.

A 20 cent tip is an arrogant and deliberate attempt to insult and humiliate, which says something about the customer’s attitude. The only thing worse is you people who like to leave nasty notes and sneak out. The objective is to have a nice prepared meal and a good experience. If things are not going well, immediately demand better. Don’t stay and torture staff and management, insult and treat people poorly, and then at the end unilaterally renegotiate the terms of payment – and on top of that make a point of insulting someone. That is a DICK MOVE.

If you disagree, feel free to explain to me in the comments how being waited on hand and foot is only worth 20 cents an hour.






  • Thor

    This is a joke. You are not entitled to a tip because you performed your job. Instead of forcing people who go to restaurants to tip, why not pay the servers regular minimum wage? Why does everybody focus on the bad tipper, instead of the ‘caring manger’ who could have simply payed his staff accordingly?

    • You are entitled to get payed for your labor, which is the purpose of the gratuity. And he didn’t punish the manager, he punished the server. Thanks for commenting!

  • Oujia

    Your a idiot gratuity is not part of it. I was waiter and if I gave bad service I knew I would not get the tip. A tip is not a guarantee unless the person has the money to do it and or got good service. McCoy Stayed cause the Food was good. I will stay if the food is good but I will not tip you if you give me poor service. You obviously just have a thing out for McCoy cause your not using common sense. The server deserved the punishment Do your job right and this would not have happen PLAIN AND SIMPLE MORON