Chris Brown is nuts

I mean, everybody tripped out in 2009 when Rihanna’s pictures showed up with her looking like she fought a warm up match with Mayweather so he could get ready for Ronda Rousey. This douche bag beat up RiRi!!

That was bad enough. Then it got crazy. This dude never stopped getting in trouble. I mean, this guy is proving he is a dick weekly, and people think he is the newest flavor of ice cream and can’t stop stacking dollars for him. Wild.

But this clown’s love of the unrepentant bad boy trope has take its inevitable turn; now he’s threatening to kill a woman. His ex, Tran. On some ‘if I can’t have you, no one can’ shit. If anyone wants to take bets on whether or not he has already threatened to kill himself if she wouldn’t take him back, I’m starting a pool. Leave a comment, I’ll sign you up.

I hate weak-ass punks like this. It’s bad enough that he is a dick and gets rewarded for it. But when everyone sees it and knows what’s coming – someone getting injured or killed – that is annoying as fuck.

And think about it: this is exactly the same kind of creep that we have in the White House right now. People love these assholes. They even make tv shows about them. Hollywood puts on show after show with some douche bag male lead, self-important, annoyingly coy, and too-cool-for-school.

Sorry, being an asshole is not acceptable. Real men, real people, please stand up,